Xan-jevan Testimony

Pastor Rodney’s teaching on “the word sown in the hearts of man” has been a powerful message. I’ve really taken a lot of what he has mentioned to heart. You really do see fruit flow forth from your life by keeping a humble heart and accepting the word in your heart and using it to protect your life. And I see the fruit of the word in my life, every day I spend time in the word in the morning, during lunch and at night before bed. Then as I receive the word into my life then when I go out and share the love of God I begin to see that word come out of me and help others in their relationship with God or even help others understand God and even accept Jesus into their lives for the first time. I am a leader in a youth group and I have to stay in the word and at times help others get into the word in a more deeper way. We have to be like those planted in fertile soil just like in the parable of the sower in Mark 4 and those are the ones who will produce thirty, sixty and even one hundred fold. A week ago the Lord placed on my heart sow into one of my students life my iPod and to not only give it to him and wipe it clean but to load it up with word of God and even teachings on the word. And I’ve put audio bibles and the twelve pillars of my faith by Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne and since then my friend has been thanking me and his word life and prayer life has grown tremendously.  And I’ve seen the fruit of it with my own eyes, so that’s what I want to keep doing. I don’t want just me to produce more fruit but for others to see the multiplication of what the word does in a individuals life.

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