Rodney Howard Browne – Edisandra C. Testimony

It all started by the broadcast, one day I was home and a friend of mines told me about The River church she attended and she was talking about the presence of god felt strongly in the church, After she was done talking she told me “Watch Channel 2” and so I was curious about what she told me I turned it to the channel and started watching .Well, at first, I was being kind polite by listening to what she was saying but really I didn’t want to hear it because I was brought up catholic and my families beliefs are also witch craft So I believed in many things but all that I was hearing and watching on TV was a bit like “Oh wow all they talk about is winning people to the lost”. Well sooner than later I ended  up attending the river and they mentioned the River bible Institute and School of worship. That day I filled out the paper and placed it in the box I honestly was not planning on attending a bible College I was prideful and I thought that it would be a waste of time , BUT also remember I’m not only prideful but I had such a religious mindset that I didn’t know the truth from the lie and I was not yet even SAVED .

Well , I keep attending the River – something keep on pulling me back (it was the love of god ) my spirit cried out and my flesh didn’t want nothing to do with what I was feeling inside. Till one day I was laying in bed and I put CTN P.Adonica was preaching and what she said touch my heart in such a way that I couldn’t refuse Jesus Into my heart I called the prayer line and accepted Christ in my heart. So, remember in the beginning how I was saying that on The broadcast all they talk about was souls, once I got saved and saw the passion that the Pastors had for the lost I understood everything in a different way.  Edisandra C.

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