During these past couple months of internship the Lord has really been teaching me how to trust Him and just flow. He has taught me to flow and listen to the Holy Spirit in every area of my life. From finances to time management, and crazy as it seems but even what clothes to wear every day. (I almost wore some really warm clothing on a day I was to do some intense sweating. Thank God for the Holy Spirit!) It’s amazing what can happen and how much more efficient you can be when you listen to the Holy Spirit. Another thing I’ve been learning these past couple months is to be proactive. I like to be active and everything, but it has gone to a whole other level. The Lord has taught me to be proactive and do things with excellence in every aspect of my life or in my work. In the Bible it says if you’re faithful with the little He’ll make you ruler over much. That really came alive to me these past couple of weeks because even though we think that what we do sometimes is little, God sees everything. I’m excited to see what more God has in store for the rest of this year.


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