Davis Testimony

I have seen faith in action through God’s many blessings in my life. Recently, the Lord has been dealing with me about seeing His hand in all the small things in my day to day life. This past week I had someone put $40 of gas in my car, buy me lunch, both of my roommates made me dinner, and someone else took me to lunch another day. Having said all that, just a few weeks ago the Lord really spoke to me in regards to seeing his hand in every single blessing, whether big or small. He then gives increase in the midst of our thankfulness and us honoring him.

This was really a HUGE lesson for me and a very timely one as well. Questions had begun to build up that I allowed to almost becoming a burden. I am always believing God for provision in my life and other specific things, but I had become discouraged because people had blessed me with things that were close to what I was believing for, but not exactly what I wanted. So in my mind I began to question whether any of it was God, because it wasn’t perfect, and God IS perfect. If God is the God of “more than enough,” why is everything not coming in as “more than enough?” So instead of thanking the Lord for the increase and what He was entrusting me with, I became discouraged because I didn’t think any of it was God.

But then I spoke with a friend of mine and he began to encourage me with Luke 16:10, “To be faithful with the little things” and that as I walk in a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness that God will honor that and begin to make me ruler over more. So rather than getting caught up in the details of what I thought I wasn’t getting blessed with, I began to get caught up in every single blessing in my everyday life that were totally undeniable! I began to see the hand of God in everything that I did and the blessing and faithfulness of God in my life became almost overwhelming! It seemed so simple but for me it is huge – this change of perspective changed everything! My faith is being strengthen day by day because I know that I can do nothing in and of myself, that I did not create the blessing that is on my life, and that James 1:17 says “whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father!”


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