Amanda Testimony

I’ve learned this year to not only listen to the Word, but let your heart grab hold of it and run with it. In Matthew chapter 13 Jesus uses a parable to explain the Word going forth and whether the people just hear it or actually grab hold of it. If  you’re letting the Word get inside you and you truly hear and understand God’s word, you’ll see fruit. If you’re just listening to what is said and letting it go in one ear and out the other, you won’t see any fruit in your life. I’ve been using this passage to encourage myself to pour into others what has been poured into me. I’ve been asking God to bring people across my path who I can share the love of God with. After I got home from church, my friends and I decided to stay in my car and just listen to worship music. Before we knew it, we had been worshipping for over an hour. When we got out of my car, a man in my apartment complex was walking his dog. We immediately went over to witness to him. He began to tell us about his life. He was a war Veteran and had lost his wife and daughter. He told us how he hadn’t experienced true love since their passing. So, we used that opportunity to just share the love of God and pray over him. His exact words were, “If I ever had to go into battle again, I would want you girls with me because you have the Lord on your side and I know we would win.” I’ve never received such an amazing compliment. So, if you pour out what has been poured into you, you could change someone’s life.

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