Eleazar Testimony

God is really teaching me to be more responsible both in the ministry and even at home. He’s constantly showing me how he is greater than the daily problems and is teaching me how to trust in his hands and dwell in his heart.  It was more important to trust in God’s knowledge instead of my knowledge and who he is because I didn’t have the answers. He’s been growing my faith by trusting he’s still there for me, even though the work is tough, and the pressure is on…his plan is bigger than I can see.  Gods been showing me ministry starts in the secret place, and it’s your constant relationship that will keep you. Nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

Idella Testimony

The Summer Camp Meeting was an awesome experience for me.  I was expecting to get a touch from God and to come out with more of a passion for the lost.  I know the Lord touches people in different ways and the fire of God comes to burn out the things that are not of God if you allow it too.  One thing the Lord really dealt with me on during those four weeks was timidity. One morning the power of God hit me in an amazing way! Later that evening I noticed that timidity had left me and my worship went to another level. I thank God for all of the change!