Rodney Howard Browne – Sam Testimony

I have often heard that the Bible is the “Living” Word of God but now after these times of reading and studying the Word I understand what that statement means. One thing that has come to the forefront in my life is the teaching gift that the Father revealed had been placed within me. Now that I have allowed the Word access into my heart, I have been able to lead small groups in Bible studies and seen those people grow in the things of the Lord and allow the Holy Spirit to operate in their lives. My times of study have proved exceptionally helpful during times in the Prayer and Care center ministering to people who call in for prayer. I have seen numerous healings and breakthroughs all because of the Holy Word of God.


Rodney Howard Browne – Felicia Testimony

I have learned that as a child of God in order to be like our Daddy, we listen to what He says and then act on it. Taking notes during preaching is very helpful because you can receive the Word and then continue in the weeks to come to learn how to apply the Word in the areas of your life so it will be effective in you, for you, and through you. Keeping your heart free from strife, rebellion, gossip and other such sin will keep hearts soft and receptive. As we do this, we will open ourselves to receiving the Word of God, allow it to take root in our hearts as our actions correspond with that Word, and the fruit of the Spirit will be produced in our life!


Rodney Howard Browne – Rudi W. Testimony

My experience during the student great awakening conference. I have during this meeting falling under the power of God, and I have seen many people touch. During one of the morning meeting, the anointing fall strongly, I did feel the rivers of water inside of me, like I never before have sense it. Lord did do something deep in my spirit during this morning.

That touch did change me during that meeting. I did get a full conviction and understanding of my vision, why I’m here at the RBI school, and what I will do in the future. Now I feel the deep anointing, the anointing flowing inside of me. It’s a different anointing that I have experience before.

He did reveal my vision; I was so happy that I cried. During that meeting I did come closer to the Lord. I did during the meetings learn more about the anointing, by sensing His presence. My eyes did get more open to it, and I’m so amazed over what God have done in me in this short period of time.

I realize how important it is to stand, or be under the anointing. I can see how I’m changed in many areas in my life during my time at The River. My strongest wish is to tell people that there is a Savior, which really exists. He does amazing things with people, setting them free from what ever you can imagine.

My hope is now to maintain the faith level I have here at The River. I thank God out of my whole heart for the work He have done in me, and what He continuing doing in me….