Rodney Howard Browne – Tony C. Testimony

During this Great Awakening broadcasts on CTN, I’ve been able to plug in for maintenance, security, as well as the call center prayer line. There have been amazing testimonies coming in from around the world. I remember just yesterday, praying for a woman in South Carolina who got totally healed on the phones. I have never been used in that realm before and realized that it was all Him and no pressure was on myself to do anything. She felt all the pain leave her back and body and felt the fire of God coming in and healing her through the phone. Seeing the transferable anointing was amazing. I also was graced with the opportunity to pray for the fire of God for another lady in Wisconsin and she started crying and screaming. And another call I picked up, and they wanted to donate $5000 to a ministry of one of our speakers being interviewed.

This month is another opportunity to keep my heart right. The enemy tried to get me down with offenses thrown at me. But I had to forgive and let them go and stay focused on the will and the call of God and the move of God that is taking place. The enemy even tried to have me focused on my own body with pains going on. But I have declared my healing and received it in Jesus’ name!

I am really looking forward to all that God is going to do in the month of January, with the ministry and in America and the rest of the globe, as persons are being set ablaze to bring in the harvest of souls!!! -Tony C

Rodney Howard Browne – Laura P. Testimony

This the first week of February finds us with camp meeting at an end and the meetings still continuing at full boar. From the amazing meetings that happened last week, it is hard to imagine that the Great Awakening Tour meetings that have been going live around the world could get any better; that we could top last week is beyond thought. But that is just exactly what happened. The Lord is always giving new things, He is always fresh and not stale so He is going to keep changing you. Last week pastor taught again on staying hungry for the things of God, staying hungry for His presence and I have been trying to apply that to myself even more than before.

Trying to get into as many services as possible and pressing into God is how I am trying to apply this. This morning, we had corporate worship with all the RBI students and there was a hunger as we sang the song “All I Need Is You.” When praise and worship was over, all the staff and interns usually go to have staff prayer but today only a handful showed up to pray. As we prayed, we went around the room and several people led us in different things. At the end of our designated prayer session, the presence of God fell while we were just finishing up.

You could have heard a pin drop but His presence was so strong in that room that no one even was paying attention each other. We all went down on our faces before the Lord; all I can say is that it felt like God was literally in that room with us. I do not know how long we were like that but it changed my whole perspective on some things. His presence is so wonderful; all I can say is that He is worthy and so holy. -Laura P.

Rodney Howard Browne – Michelle Y. Testimony

On Tuesday night, I got relieved from Kids Church early, so I went to do phones in the call center and as always, it was a powerful night. I was praying with this lady named Janice and she had called for prayer for her two unsaved sons and to be broken free from a nicotine addiction. So I prayed over her, for that addiction to be broken off of her in Jesus name and for Holy Spirit to do a work inside her and for a fire to burn inside of her so that she can take a soul winning script and lead her sons to Jesus. HALLELUJAH!

Also that night a man named Arnie called and wanted prayer for the Fire of God, so I prayed with him just that. While I was praying I could just feel the power of God on me as well as him. It was amazing. I also encouraged him to download the gospel soul winning script and go out soul winning on the streets winning souls for the kingdom of the Lord. It made me want to go out and soul win! [Mark 16:15] “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”  It was a great night!  -Michelle Y.