Rodney Howard Browne – Patrick H. Testimony

The Great Awakening has been an opening for the lost to come pouring in. The souls have always been there ready to be reached, but now the time to reach them is running out. The Holy Spirit is positioning us to minister to the lost, but not just our location. We are being cleansed at the body. Christ is coming for a spotless bride. We must want to be the spotless bride, we must accept God’s grace on our lives to be made perfect as He is perfect.

Our character and integrity must carry us into God’s will. It is the yielding to His voice the has resulted in the Harvest of The Great Awakening Tour. It is the purity of the body that will position us to take hold of the harvest globally. God is calling us to challenge our flesh daily, hour by hour. I am learning more and more that the preaching of the good news of Jesus is all that matters and that news requires Godly character. Being who God has called us to be under the spotlight and behind closed doors.-Patrick H.