Rodney Howard Browne – Patrick H. Testimony

It has been apparent that in both the last year and week God has accelerated the movement and revival in His house all across the world.  A sweeping of God’s presence has rapidly been brining the lost to Him.  The Church in many places around the world has been moving with Him to play their part.  Even though I have just finished my first week being involved with River Bible Institute I have seen a great increase in the souls won. I believe God is challenging me by being a part of the River Bible Institute by the harvest that the students and instructors are taking part in.

The work that The Holy Spirit is doing in The Great Awakening services is stirring The Body of Christ in Tampa as well as others around the world to become passionate about seeing the lost saved.  We can no longer deny that there is not fruit to be harvested while such testimonies are flooding the ears of believers. In my life there is being anguish birthed inside me to see the present generation won for our Savior.  It is impossible to not have the conviction to do all that I can in my own strength to work in this harvest.

The compromised church has begun to sink and brought to light so that the true image of Jesus can be seen by lost.  He has shown me that seeing the fruit of the harvest must be brought in and if the workers a few then we who work must do all that we can.  Jesus is seeking for those that will step out and do exactly what He is asking.  I want to be found as one who is burning with passion for vision God has spoken. –Patrick H.

Get touch from God – Rodney Howard Browne

In one evening I was volunteering in the phone center. There was a call from lady from Canada. Her prayer request was – get touch from God. I preyed with her and she stared to speak in tongues and became joyful. Then lady said – ”O, now I’m so happy, lets pray for my friend too.” I did not new, that she had her friend on other line. Then lady said that she just get her friend saved and asked me to pray for baptizing in Holy Spirit for her friend too. Now all three together we started our prayer. I can not confirm baptism in Holy Spirit of this second lady but she was touched by God and was joyful. –Gerda D.