Rodney Howard Browne – Beverly B.

Internship Testimony

Time moves fast; Jesus will return before we know it. Will I be ready? Will I have finished all that my Lord has called me to do; or will I be full of excuses? These are questions I have asked myself and perhaps you have too.

I’m a third year student at the River Bible Institute which makes me an intern. Once you are accepted as an intern your first and foremost duty is to stomp on your flesh. It wants to puff up, strut around and say, “Look at me, I’m something!” Get down, men and women, and hit your knees; pray and thank Jesus for the wonderful opportunity to serve in His house! Ask Him how He wants you to serve and then be obedient to the calling the Holy Ghost has placed on the inside of you for this season. If your question for now is why, Jesus will give you an answer.

Let me share a story about my own adventure. Back in August of 2008, I came here to attend the River Bible Institute for one year. I know the Lord called me to go to school and it was a very exciting move.  During our first week we were asked to fill out a form for the Ministry of Helps Department. It said to pick three places you would like to serve so I did. 1. Hospitality   2. Usher  3. Cloth Lady.

These areas seemed easy for me. I have always worked in restaurants so hospitality comes easy for me. I’ve seen the ushers at our church back home every Sunday and it seemed like a simple enough job that I felt I could handle; and I figured the cloth lady meant they needed help in the laundry department folding tablecloths, napkins, and etc. Being a mom of two, I thought I had plenty of experience for that. It’s funny when I look back now but who would have known, I sure didn’t. I came from a church where people fell down but courtesy cloths weren’t required.

Never the less, God had a different plan of where I was to serve Him that year. I received a phone call from Tara, the lady who ran the Ministry of Helps program. She said, “Beverly, I know you didn’t request this helps area, but I really feel the Lord is telling me to put you in Production to run a camera.” I first laughed and said, “Sure, ok I’ll try it but it’s something I have never considered or ever done before. Heck, I just got my first cell phone a few months back I’m 49 years old.” We laughed together and she encouraged me and we prayed. That following Sunday I was sitting behind Camera #2 with a man named Fred standing behind me explaining how it works. I ran that camera faithfully for the next 9 months. As school was coming to an end that year, the Lord laid it on my heart that I was to stay and go a second year. Little did I know they would be offering a broadcasting class in January of 2010! At first, I was just excited and wanted to take the class because I wanted a deeper understanding of cameras and how they worked. I got to be a part of some great projects and learned many different aspects of a production studio. We learned how not only to shoot a piece of film, but also to edit, cut, and put it together to show a 30 second spot for broadcasting. The broadcasting class was being offered by invitation only and what an honor to be asked to join the class. I was faced with being puffed up with pride and had to tell myself to “get down you bad flesh” and hit my knees and cried out, “Lord is this what You want me to do? Should I take this class?” The Holy Spirit said yes, so I let Dean Todd know.

I accepted and was a part of the production class. Now it was fun and more involvement in projects that were to be used on the network and internet. I was having fun and the question was being asked of us second year students if the Lord was putting on anyone’s heart for a third year or internship. Gee, I hadn’t even asked, so I started praying about it. Unlike second year, a willingness to do third year came. However there was not an assurance of what to do or how to serve as a third year intern. The Lord once again placed production in my heart. At first of course, I was full of questions and my first step was to ask Buddy, the head of the Production Department if he would like an intern and if so, could I put in to be his intern? Buddy said yes then I asked Dean Todd if interns were allowed to serve in the production area and he smiled and said yes. So with great excitement in my heart I said, “Yes, I would like to apply for internship for the 2010-2011 school year.”

Later it hit me and I started asking, “Lord, why? You called me many years ago to be a missionary. Why have you placed on my heart all this production stuff? Are You changing my calling? What does this mean?” Not only did the Holy Spirit tell me, but He gave me a picture of two hands coming together with the fingers intermingling and said, “I will take you and you will film things others have never seen before.”

So today, August 26, 2010, I am a production intern learning how to flow in the Holy Spirit and capture the anointing on film and send it across the airwaves into your homes. No excuses! I’m doing what the Lord has called me to do right now. He’s coming back soon!