Rodney Howard Browne – Julie C. Testimony

Last year at this time, I was devastated by the news that my niece had a baby out of wedlock, and also because of the way in which I had been told the news by my mom, which was on a recycled Christmas card from the year before, the leftovers, and she had written the great news that my niece, her boyfriend and the new baby were coming over on Christmas day. I got the card of December 26th in the mail. It was meant to sting. I was just as devastated over her attitude and ill will. Well, this year is different. My cousin, who is a pastor in Arizona, and his wife, their daughter had a baby last September, and they were thrilled. So now I have a picture on a Christmas card of the parents, who are married, and their new baby. I looked at that picture and I just thanked God that, at last, in our family, there’s something done right and it wasn’t messed up. Thank you so much for praying for me, that God would show me good things and better days. Thank You, God! The baby’s name is Samuel.

God is awesome! I had the honor of having six youth from Desert Rose Church on my team yesterday along with two other adults-all of them were out for the first time on the streets of downtown Glendale.  The youth were ages 8 to 14.  They all led several people to Jesus. Little Victoria, age 10, led a heavily tattooed biker to Jesus.  After he prayed to receive Jesus, he said he had not to church in so tears+thanks her several times. We invited to the meetings at one of the local churches. He said he would come. I had a hard time “choking” back tears as she was sharing the incorruptible word of good news of Jesus. Hallelujah!

Rodney Howard Browne – Belinda W. Testimony

She and her 4 kids went soul winning.  They met 2 young men-they said after they got saved “I always wanted to do that!”  Divine appointment!!!

I went out with Jake Thursday and Friday.  I led approximately 100 people to the Lord in the last 2 days this week.  23 were Native Americans in a park.  I was able to pray at a Baptist youth concert at Arizona State Fair  Friday.  I was on stage and 46 prayed the prayer.  I also prayed with football teams at a nearby school.

(first time on the streets) Steve got out of Skyway and handed cell phone to Latrina to talk to his friend Shrek. (Muslim) Latrine led him to the Lord before we even left the parking lot and he received Jesus!  Also led Arizona police officer (off duty) to receive Jesus.

There was a group of four people.  I saw them so I went over to them and I read the first part of the script.  They said they were Christians.  So I asked if I could pray for them and rededicate their life to Christ Jesus.  They said yes so I prayed with them and got 4 rededications and 1 salvation.

(14 yrs old)When I was leading someone to Jesus, they said “I don’t want to mess up.”  So I replied “we all sin and mess up.”  Then I gave her two examples about me and someone else.  Her name was Shera.  I led 12 people to Christ.