Great Awakening Tour City #19 Louisville, Kentucky | David H Testimony

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For the first time I went to win souls for Christ. Even with my broken English I won 8 souls today between going to the street and my work I am very happy that Jesus gave me the strength to do it, because he was working winning souls through me. I felt the Holy Spirit while I was praying for these people. A couple received Jesus. Then 21 more people came up to him asking, “What are you talking about. I couldn’t help but overheard”. I men approached angrily, “Don’t you know about separation of church and state”. However he received Jesus and was hugging me afterwards.

David H
Oklahoma United States

Great Awakening Tour City #19 Louisville, Kentucky | Pam H Testimony

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Two young ladies came out of community central and I started sharing the script. One of the ladies go upset with me, said she talked with her minister every day. Second lady said to me, being catholic will go to Heaven, I said “No!” Only through Jesus Christ. So I shared the script with her, and she received Jesus as Lord and Savior, and she thanked me and I gave her the script. A Spanish lady gave her life to the Lord. I asked if she needed healing in her ankle because it’s been hurting. God completely healed her, the pain was gone and she had tears of joy. A man received Christ and healing in his ear.

Pam H

Thanksgiving Mini Campmeeting 2008

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I came to visit the River for the mini campmeeting. I was so thrilled to meet such loving and compassionate on fire believers. I was so touched by the Spirit through the anointing. The fire of God soared through me setting my heart ablaze afresh for the things of God! I felt the Lord’s touch so strong and am still feeling the power today. My life has been changed, I have gotten even closer to the Lord. Blessed abundantly to have come. God touched me in many ways. Deliverance, warts removed from my hands, back, lungs, eyes, ears. A total make over. I am now in Nashville, TN because I learned to feel God and I let His Anointing lead me. I pray for this Ministry every day. Do stop…Blessings

Cheryl N
Antioch Tennessee United States

Great Awakening Tour #43 Phoenix, AZ (Hispanic – Bilingual Services)

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I had back pain since I was 14. (I am 22 now) I had a lot of pain and could not do many things other folks in my peer group could do. My sleep was affected, my daily life was affected, my ability to be peaceful was not very good. (LOL) I had a disc hernia in my L-6/S-1 area…The vertebrae were also messed up from repeated falls and also from scoliosis I had as a teen. However, I was worshipping God in service, when Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne picked me out, told me to stand and raise my hands. I fell to the floor, no one caught me, I landed very hard…But was COMPLETELY healed as soon as I hit the floor!!! By all means, that landing should have landed me in the ER!!! Anyways, I took my time to report this healing cuz I wanted to be 100% sure, and now I am, PRAISE GOD!!! Thank you. Sincerely, MaryElizabeth…

MaryElizabeth H
Phoenix Arizona United States