New Rodney Howard Browne Video and Testimony

Awesome, wonderful, happy!!! Zac & Angelo, “Safeway” and Maui Mall, into the stores, bus stop, everywhere. 33 said “yes”, Hallelujah! She was teamed up with Zach and together they led 33 people to the Lord. She personally led 7 people to the Lord got 2 waitresses at IHOP saved today

The day after Thanksgiving 2006 I was involved in a near fatal motorcycle wreck on I75.I was drug over 400 feet by an savior broke my back and my neck. I tore every muscle in my back and twisted my knee and ankle totally backwards. I have scars from one end of my body to another. I walk and live by the Grace of God almighty. On the last day of Holy Spirit weekend in June I said to Pastor Rodney when I met him for the first time that come hell and high water I would be at camp meeting. All hell broke loose in my life and body all through June. My foot and ankle Doctor told me the damage was so severe in my right foot that a bone fusion would be needed which would cripple my foot some. I refused the diagnosis and by the Grace of God I have been in camp meeting all week. Circumstances have over and again tried to keep me from my commitment. Tonight all I could do was holler Jesus!Jesus!Jesus!until I thought I would pass out because the anointing was so powerful.God healed my foot completely tonight. No pain. No ripping feelings. I jumped and danced tonight as I have never in my life done. I have no pain in my back neck legs nothing Praise God! I cannot wait till morning to get back to camp meeting.

not given Hawaii United States

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Praise Jesus! I led 8 people today to the Lord. What an experience. It was exciting and encouraging when God opened their heart to receive Jesus. Hallelujah! One lady was on her lunch break.

I attended two of your meetings at our home church, Upper Room, Dix Hills, NY during the last week of June. I am now here in Tampa at our second home and attended your July 5th summer camp meeting at The River, and my husband and I are attending your service tomorrow (July 8th, 2007). I put a prayer request in through your website as well as via phone to your church about my dad. He is 82 1/2 years old and had to go in for a cardiac cauterization on July 5th because the doctor was giving him a bad report, but Praise God, we cancelled the doctor’s report and after the procedure, the cardiologist said that it didn’t look like it did on the echocardiogram, and he does NOT need an aortic valve replacement, angioplasty or a stent and they can just manage it with aspirin and cholesterol medication. Praise be to God, all Glory and Honor to Him. Thank you Jesus. Thank you for praying with and for us. God Bless you and your ministry mightily.

We want to provide you with our soul count as part of the continuing Great Awakening tour in Jacksonville. We have had an additional 25 decisions in the month of June, 2007. I understand that you will use this number to update your overall soul count. We will numbers on a monthly basis going forward.

Delilah P
Not known Hawaii United States