Sin no more

rodney howard browne

Jesus said, Go, and sin no more. He released her from her

sin, and He is still releasing people from their sin today. He does

not condone sin, but He has compassion on and forgives sinners.

He releases people from their guilt and condemnation.


But religion does not release you from guilt and condemnation.

Religion has to make you feel guilty in order to survive,

because religion is a parasite that thrives on your guilt. As long

as you’re guilty, you’re caught in religion’s trap. You’ll go

through all the rituals and try to keep all the laws, and when you

can’t do it, you’ll be even more guilty and condemned. It’s a

vicious cycle that only Jesus can break.


When you’re released from your guilt and sin by receiving

Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you’re free from religion’s control.

The power of God is not only working on the inside of you, but

works through you. You can cast out devils, heal the sick, and

raise the dead just like Jesus did! Religion does not want you to

do that.


That’s why Jesus was a total oddity to the religious world.

He came in total opposition to the religious system of the day and

wreaked havoc. The religious people were the ones who put Him

on the cross. They were the ones who said, “We’ve got to get rid

of Him.” Jesus had a power they did not understand — the power

of unconditional love which sets men and women free and allows

them to know God personally, for themselves. But religion says,

“Do what we say and we’ll tell you what God says.”


The history of Jesus is greater than any James Bond 007

movie. Jesus the God/Man came to the earth and took on human

flesh for the purpose of paying the price and becoming the eternal

sacrifice for man’s sin. God-and-man-in-one did it, so that all we

have to do is say, “I believe!” and salvation becomes ours.


Jesus speaks to me. His body speaks to me of the fact that

He is a human being and understands everything I’m going

through. (See Hebrews 2:17,18.) The beatings He endured speak

to me that by His stripes He bore my sicknesses and carried my

diseases. His blood shed on the cross speaks to me that He washed

away my sin. (See Isaiah 53:5.) And His resurrection speaks to me

that because He lives, I can also live — really live! I’m talking

about eternal life! I’m talking about everlasting life! (See

Galatians 2:20.)


We know that Jesus could have walked away at any time.

Even on the cross, He could have called thousands of angels to

help Him. (See Matthew 26:53.) But He gladly laid His life

down for us. Heaven’s court of justice was waiting to be satisfied,

the price for sin had to be paid, and Jesus did it — for you and me.

Who is Jesus?


He is the God/Man who paid the price for our sin so that

we could know God and be set free from sin and all religious

bondage. Hallelujah!