May 23 2008: God TV

Just wanted to let you know that Jesus is so wonderfully amazing! There was a show on yesterday that Brother Browne was ministering on. I noticed that people were talking about a script to go witness with to help lead people to Christ. I went online today and said, “Okay, Lord. I am just going to give this a shot.” I went to the local market and saw a guy outside smoking a cig and he was very rude and said, “I don’t have time for this!!” I told him that God loved him and God bless. I went across the street to Walgreens and met a very frightened lady who was putting her children in her car when I asked her about Jesus. She said that she already had a relationship with Jesus. Then I thought I would just keep trying to see if someone would listen. I saw a guy who looked like he needed ministry and he certainly did. I drove over to him and followed the scrip. His name was Seth and he began crying because he wanted to give his life over to Jesus but he said that he couldn’t. After a while I dropped him off at home and went back home. I began to pray for him in my car when the Lord said for me to go back to his house and lead him to the Lord. So, after a small fight with the Lord, I went back and He gave his life to Jesus and he is going to church with me Sunday. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Dr. Browne and Andonica. Joseph M.