Mar 3 2008 Cocoa, Florida

My wife and I went to the nursing homes, talked to 43 people-37 came to the Lord. We meet one man in his early 70’s who could not talk. I asked him to squeeze my hand for yes- I asked him if he wanted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He squeezed my hand so hard and he wouldn’t let go. We did the script with him and big tears was rolling down his face and my wife kept wiping them away. He didn’t want us to leave He was blessed but so were we also. I went into the lock down area and meet a wonderful woman named Margret- I asked her if I could come in and pray and she said yes. I asked her if any one told her God loved her and she said no. I told her God sent me to tell you He loves you she started crying and said that was just wonderful and she asked Jesus in her heart. I read the script with her and she said it was wonderful that I came just for her. Tom H.