Now Living the Good Life

Several years ago my world was rocked by an experience with Jesus Christ.  A long story short; I was headed in the direction of international business when I had an encounter with God that turned me upside down and thrust me into finding out what the divine plan for my life really was.  Come to find out, it had to do with the nations; but more than just conducting business in them.  God’s plan was literally to see nations shaken with His awesome power and His goodness is declared and demonstrated in them.

The ministry of Rodney Howard-Browne had a tremendous influence upon how things changed for me.  I’m now living such a life of blessing and fulfillment; it’s truly the Good Life.  I stay filled-up spiritually and experience all that God, through His Holy Spirit, has for me by allowing the River of God to flow freely from me into other’s lives who need a life-changing touch of God.  You see, when God changed me I didn’t even realize that there was anything missing in my life.  Wow, I received joy, peace, a deeper love, and real power that changes lives.  In short, revival changed my life!

The web site is a powerful link into much of what the Lord is doing across America and around the world in the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.  It’s so exciting!